Faculté des Lettres et des Sciences Humaines - Oujda

Adresse: Complexe Universitaire BP : 457 - 60000

Humanities and area studies – colonial and post colonial discourse initiale

Lettres et Sciences Humaines || Durée (2 ans)

La Faculté des Lettres et des Sciences Humaines d’Oujda est l’un des établissements de l’Université Mohamed Premier, créée en 1978, dans le cadre de la décentralisation de l’enseignement supérieur. Elle draine une population étudiante importante qui totalise un chiffre de 8200 étudiants, issue de toutes les provinces de la Région. Elle accueille aussi des étudiants étrangers appartenant à des pays essentiellement africains, du sub-Sahara, et du Maghreb. Pour réussir, la FLSH place, dès à présent, l’étudiant au centre de son dispositif pédagogique. La qualité de ce dernier est basée sur des programmes de formations accréditées au niveau national depuis 2003, offerts au sein des 6 filières de Licence : Études Islamiques, Histoire et Civilisation, Études arabes, Études françaises, Études anglaises et Géographie.

-Understanding the nature and the make-up of these textualities would enable us to address some problems that the postcolonial reality is pregnant with. The discourse of the colonial textualities in our understanding is still alive in present-day politics; -These textualities vary from purely written documents belonging to different registers and areas of human knowledge, to audio-visual ones such as pamphlets and official discourses, journalistic texts, travel writings, autobiographies and purely fiction writings, films such as cartoons, movies, and documentaries; -By laying focus on these Area Studies as well as Humanities, the programme is expected to give better preparation for the trainees to cope with current issues relating to politics and society in an age marked by complexity and threatening conflicts; -Crucial to this issue is the notion of Contact zone, which in the post-colonial era is affecting not only the former colonies, but also the Former Metropolises (France, England, Holland, Italy, Spain and other European countries as well). This has, and is still having, dire consequences on the race relations leading to a new wave of racial violence in Western cities.

-Teaching - Translation -Tourism and job related.

-Students graduating from English Departments with a Licence in Literature or Linguistics.