School of Humanities and Social Sciences : SHSS (Ecole des Sciences Humaines & Sociales)

Adresse: BP 104 Avenue Hassan II - 53000

Arts in International Studies (BAIS) initiale

Bachelor of
Sciences Humaines et Sociales || Durée (3 ans)

The School of Humanities and Social Sciences serves the entire university by providing all Al Akhawayn students with the intellectual skills and training that are the essence of a Liberal Arts education. Through the rich traditions of the Humanities—philosophy, art, history, religion, and literature—students gain a new respect for the heritage of creativity which surrounds and enriches their lives and their own place in that ongoing human drama. Exposure to the debates, methods and practices of the Social Sciences — including politics, anthropology, sociology, geography, and other disciplines — provides students with critical thinking, as well as perspectives and tools to meet the many challenges they will face in their careers and their communities. These courses represent most of those taught in the University Common Core. The School of Humanities and Social Sciences provides innovative degree programs in applied Social Sciences with an emphasis on interdisciplinary, critical and analytical skills, as well as practical learning. At the undergraduate level, the programs offered include: Communication Studies, Human Resource Development and International Studies. At the graduate level, the School offers master’s programs in International Studies and Diplomacy, North African and Middle Eastern Studies, and Religious Studies. Minors are offered in the three undergraduate degree programs plus minors in Women’s Studies, Arabic Language and Culture, African Studies, and Organizational Studies. The School of Humanities and Social Sciences offers a number of special programs, including an Intensive Summer Program in Arabic Language and North African Studies. The School of Humanities and Social Sciences also has a mandate to encourage dialogue and debates among different cultures and civilizations in an academic atmosphere characterized by pluralism, respect for the other, and academic freedom. We hope you will visit us often to find out how our programs and activities are developing and growing as we continue to contribute to the development of education in the Social Sciences and the Liberal Arts in Morocco and the world.

The Bachelor of Arts in International Studies (BAIS) offers students the opportunity to have a comprehensive grounding in international affairs and issues. Sponsored by the Moroccan Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, the program provides students with important factual knowledge as well as key theoretical and analytical skills. Students also gain valuable practical and professional experience through a successful internship program.

The Bachelor of Arts in International Studies prepares students for a range of careers in international organizations and international businesses, where knowledge of international issues is essential.

L’admission pour les programmes du niveau bachelor se fait sur la base d’étude du dossier, un test d’admission général (GAT) et un éventuel entretien oral avec le comité d’admission. L’inscription est basée sur l’obtention d’un score de 530 points au TOEFL et 4.5 à lépreuve de l’expression écrite (420 pour admission au Centre de Langues de l’Université).